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My name is Adam Saleh, I work as a backend developer for Exponea, working mostly on Golang and Python services deployed to Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.

Previously I worked as a QE at Red Hat Mobile, mostly on CI/CD for our various projects, with a dash of Dev/Ops work included. My day-to-day work usually included Jenkins, Ansible, Node.js, Go, Docker and OpenShift. You can check out the opensource projects I participated on at Feedhenry.

Previously I worked on some integration testing with Clojure and Python, some smaller mobile apps with Xamarin and even doubled in C++ for my thesis project.

When I am not working, I sometimes write on my blog, or play boardgames, mostly with my wife, and sometimes even my 3 year old daughter :-)

where many of my side projects and experiments rest
where my open-source work-related things usually ended-up when done. I like what we have managed to achieve with our Jenkins Pipeline Library or oud Docker based Jenkins slaves
Blog with various notes on programming. Mostly messing around with Python and Node.js in Jupyter notebooks.
mostly for asking weird questions on functional programming and geeking out over pen & paper RPGs
adam at this domain
If for any reason you would like to reach me, you can do so with email tied to this domain
Here I mostly ask weird questions about Purescript